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Walleye Fishing jersey
Eddie & Jasen
wearing semi-custom angler jerseys.
Pro tournament shirt
Preston Clark wins Santee
Cooper in 2006, wearing a
custom design pro series shirt.
Photo courtesy of BASS/ESPN.
Bass fishing jersey
Steve Groller & Richard Conner wearing
pro fishing jerseys with Ray Scott in the middle.

Look Great! Feel Great! Do Great! Winning Looks for Tournament Anglers!

Customers are: Individuals, Teams, Pro-Staff, Clubs and Collegiate / High school Fishing Teams. Tournament Wear's goal is to help you look your best and fill your needs. We do this by listening to you, helping you decided on what is best for your jersey by answering your questions and making suggestions if necessary.

What we offer............

Custom (made to order) pro fishing tournament jerseys and angler jerseys.

Ready made or Custom fishing shirts.

Semi-custom angler and custom pro jerseys.

Hoodies and Jackets matching any pro jersey.

Offshore Angler Tees.

Sunblock Collection of hats and gear.

Extras - 10,000+ company casuals.

Angler Gifts and Awards.

Plaques, Banners, decals and vinyl lettering.

All items can be customized with your logo or saying, just about anything you want.

Embroidery on tournament shirts, hats, fishing towels and company casuals with stock designs or your own design or logo.

An art department to help you design your jersey.

Order your pro or angler jersey online or by phone 321.214.9557!

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Angler fishing jersey
Peter T, wearing
angler fishing jersey.
Photo courtesy of BASS/ESPN.
Pro fishing jersey
Joe Nickol (holding checks & plaques)
wearing pro fishing jersey.
Custom fishing jersey
Don Moore wearing
custom fishing jersey.

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